Game design / Typoly

Typoly is a Monopoly edition about typography. The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling fonts. The equipment consists of a plexiglass board, 2 lucent dice, 8 wooden tokens, 32 glazed small cubes and 12 big cubes. There are 30 questions and 30 exclamation cards, 28 title deed card and enough play money. The structure of the board is individualized on the type edition. On the surface there are letters in chronology of the best typography. Instead of railway stations there are CMYK colors. The electric company and waterworks is replaced though paper factory and printing company. If a player landing on the Type Directors Club field he will receive any money. The end of the game is to be the richest player. Let‘s Play! In Cooperation with Arno Klein. My Work Typoly has been selected for the output award 2012 and will be presented in the next output publication. The output yearbook will be published in the Fall of 2012.

3 Responses to Game design / Typoly

  1. Esra C sagt:

    Sowas kann dabei rauskommen, wenn man sich mal traut was außergewöhnliches und aufwendiges zu machen! Und es lohnt sich.

  2. Mehmet Y. sagt:

    Eine wirklich sehr edle Umsetzung. Gefällt mir sehr.